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" "I am enough!" and Tribal made me truly believe that. No alter ego, no faking it, just genuine understanding that, this is me and that is more than ok. To say Tribal was a game changer for me is an understatement."

- Grace.

"They helped me to see if I can do this I really can do anything. I'm more confident in myself. And even when I'm not feeling confident I've learned to fake it till I become it!! The photos are an amazing reminder of how far I have come and to believe in myself."

- Hannah.

"My shoot allowed me to feel amazing and empowered... I know I will show my daughter when she's older and say look, mummy is a strong woman in her own skin and give that message to my daughter."

- Yasmine.

"Nothing could have prepared me for how I was going to feel at the shoot. The moment I met the girls I was at ease. Getting into the water was the most freeing experience and no therapy has come close to making me feel as beautiful and natural as I did. These aren't just photos... these are me."

- Emily.

"I'm so grateful for everyone that was involved in the photoshoot and for helping me on my journey. It has helped so much just to feel worth the effort and to feel like I was worth someone’s time." - Michelle.

"I went into the water a broken person and came out fierce and ready to move forward."

- Natalie.

“Sometimes you just need to recognise that you are a warrior and whatever happens, you’ve got this

- Maxine.

"Never for one moment believed that it would actually change my life but it has. I'm finally at peace with who I am." - Jo.

"Doing Liberty is one of those experiences you will never forget. You never forget the amazing women who fill you with so much love, sass and confidence. You will never forget that feeling of standing in front of the camera and actually enjoying it. Despite the initial nerves (everyone gets them) as soon as you start and all the other women are feeling the exact same as you, it instantly bonds you. You feel relaxed and you feel the inner goddess trying to come out. Liberty makes you feel like you can do anything. I certainly did. And the best bit... it doesn’t stop after you’ve done shooting for the day and got those stunning photographs. They’re always there cheering you on.  Really can’t get enough of this beautiful bunch of ladies."

- Natalie

"Following all of my Liberty shoots I felt very strong and calm. It gave me confidence in my personality and allowing the "real" me to shine. I love liberty with all of my heart. It has set me on the right path to be kinder to myself in all aspects of my life!"

- Grace

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