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  • What do I wear??
    What you wear depends on what shoot you are booking on, and you will get a phone call prior to your shoot to discuss any styling needs. If you want some extra help, ideas and advice, you can always purchase our styling add-on here. If you want to get started thinking about it all, keep reading below! Colours & Fabrics Earthy, muted and organic tones are our favourite and they photograph beautifully. Think mustard yellow, rusty orange/red, sage green, soft blush pinks and peachy tones, creams and ivory, or strong earthy greens, deep reds and greys work beautifully if you want to go a bit darker. We ask that you AVOID BLACK as much as possible, as it doesn't photograph as well, unless of course you're coming for Fallen Angel, Tribal or a darker feeling lifestyle shoot. Fabrics should be lace, linen, chunky-knit for the cardis, floaty/chiffon or broderie anglaise. These more organic feeling fabrics look gorgeous against your skin, and have a really natural feel in the photographs. Pinterest Check out our Pinterest page here We have included a bunch of different boards for every shoot with some of our favourite colours, outfits, ideas and aesthetics Make your own Pinterest board and start pinning! It can be ideas from some of our pins, or have a search and grab anything you love the look of. This is a great thing to send our photographer's when they call you too, so we can have an idea of your vision and what you love the look of! Places to Shop H&M - for lace bralettes and knickers sets, and lace bodysuits, H&M has a fantastic range in muted earthy tones. These are perfect for shoots and come at an affordable price too! They also tend to have some chunky-knits for sale so perfect for a cosy shoot in the studio. Primark - not as high quality, and the colours aren't as spot-on, but Primark do a fantastic range of lace bralette sets for super cheap, in some quite earthy colours too. ASOS - staff's favourite, ASOS do a bit of everything and they always have lace bodysuits, kimonos, summer dresses and some beautiful underwear sets available. They also have excellent Fuller Bust & Curve ranges, something for almost every shape and size around. Boohoo - another all-rounder, decently priced Boohoo sell loads of bodysuits, underwear sets and maxi dresses perfect for our location shoots. Pretty Little Thing - similar to Boohoo and ASOS, PLT do some fantastic ranges of lingerie and high-street fashionwear, boasting a wide range of colours, styles and sizing. Zara - a higher price range, but they often have sales and Zara offer beautiful clothing in really organic fabrics and earthy tones. Tutti Rouge - this amazing independent brand offer bodysuits and lingerie catering up to 6XL and 48FF/G cups too! They offer a wide range of different colours, the materials used are high quality and supportive too. With bodysuits costing around £18 they're also pretty affordable for what you're getting. Playful Promises - a higher price range again, but these lingerie sets are incredible and cater for sizes UK 6-30 and bras 30A-44H. They have plenty of variety from sexy to self-love with a wonderful message behind the brand. Pour Moi - with bra sizes going up to a 44J and plenty of styles and colours to choose from, Pour Moi is a beautiful company with a brilliant message, plus they're so comfy and long-lasting, you'll keep it for more than just the shoot. Use code HOLLY20 for 20% off too!
  • What else should I bring with me?
    Along with any clothing/shoes/accessories you plan to wear for your shoot, there are a few other things we would recommend bringing along with you: Warm change of clothes - especially when your photoshoot is outdoors Towel x2 - for River, Tribal and the Studio Bath shoots Comfortable and practical footwear - wellies or trainers if outdoors, flip flops/sliders/wetsuit shoes if at the sea or river. Snacks - always good to bring snacks, particularly for outdoors as our group shoots could go on for a few hours Water and Sunscreen - particularly important during summer months, the field shoots can get very hot!
  • Do I have to get naked?
    No!! Of course not. This is a question we get asked all the time, but don't fear - you don't have to go nude unless you want to. We will always offer it as an option, in case you want to but don't want to ask. Being naked at a shoot is not a requirement or an expectation of ours and there is no pressure to do anything at a shoot. We create a space for you to be whoever you want to be, and wear whatever you love wearing (or not wearing!). There is no judgement, only acceptance and it is down to you as to whether you're fully dressed, in your undies or baring it all.
  • Shall I wait until I've lost weight?
    No no no no no! You are everything just as you are, you don't need to change to have a shoot with us, you will look incredible. We have always been accepting of every body, size and shape and we love every body out there. This is a no judgement space, and our photographers are trained in poses for every kind of body, you will lose out on nothing by booking just as you are.
  • Can I bring my friend/baby?
    We understand wanting support from your friends and therefore wanting to bring someone along. However, we do believe that when people have done so in the past, it holds you back somewhat, as we always adjust ourselves for who we are around. The team will be there to hold your hand and build you up, but if you really need that extra bit of support you are welcome to do so. We ask that you do not bring children to a Liberty Photoshoot, as we want you to have that bit of 'me' time, and to be able to step out of being mum and have a space where you can just be you. However, we also understand that breastfed babies can't always be away from their mum for too long, so we are happy to make allowances or ensure that you are photographed and finished first, if you want to ask us any further questions on this give us a message on our Instagram or Facebook.
  • Is make up included?
    Full make-up is included for all of our studio photoshoots. It is no longer included for our location group shoots, but if you do want to add it on you can book it here, or have a look at our online MUA for some tips on how to do your own make-up for a photoshoot.
  • Where will I get changed?
    In our studio we have a private changing area for you. On location we photograph in private areas of the outdoors, so there should always be a place to change - best to bring a dressing gown or towel with you to get changed behind!
  • How do your group shoots work?
    So most of our outdoors shoots are in groups, unless you specifically wish to book a 1-1 with us. Group shoots range from 3-12 people at a time. Usually, they will be strangers to one another, although sometimes people will book a shoot with a friend. You'll all be in the same boat, and everyone will be just as nervous as you are! Usually on a group shoot there will be 2 photographers, and you'll take it in turns to be photographed by each of them for about 15-30 mins (although this time can sometimes be shorter when in colder months as we want to keep you from getting too cold!!) If you need to be done quickly to get to work, school pick-up, etc. Let a member of the team know and we will ensure you are photographed first. There is a really wonderful buzz at our group shoots, you're all nervous and excited, for some of you this will be your first shoot, for others their third or fourth... Everyone cheers each other on and a lot of very special friendships have been made.
  • How do your 1-1 sessions work?
    You can book a 1-1 session with one of our photographers either in the studio or on location. Our 1-1 sessions are very special to us and really allow us to capture who you are and the vision you want to put across. We will give you a call prior to the shoot to discuss your vision, how you want to look and feel, and any special requests you have. We would suggest 1-1 sessions for anyone who wants a gentle introduction to the Liberty experience, and it makes a fantastic first shoot as it will build your confidence leading to group shoots in the future. Our photographers are trained in posing, creating a safe space for you to express yourself and reconnect with who you are, and they're always open to your creative ideas and vision. We are able to play with ideas with up to 2 hours shooting time with you, numerous outfit changes and special captures such as your wedding veil, favourite flowers, that first business blazer, those boots you bought when you graduated, anything and everything you can think of, we will fall in love with too!
  • How does this work with Covid-19 regulations?
    In the Studio Anti-bacterial handwashing station is provided QR codes for track & trace are available and you will need to scan these when you arrive Face masks can be worn by all staff members in the studio Your photographer will remain socially distanced by using a lens that allows us to stay 1 metre from you, while still capturing all those goddess-vibes Studio is cleaned before and after every client On Location QR codes for track & trace are available and you will need to scan these when you arrive Your photographer will remain socially distanced by using a lens that allows us to stay 1 metre from you, while still capturing all those goddess-vibes Anti-bacterial handwash will be available onsite
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