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Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke

We have many locations in Hampshire from woodlands, rivers, sunflower fields and more. Join our group shoots which are all about getting back to nature, refilling your cup, connecting with other women and most importantly, reconnecting with yourself.


Embrace your inner warrior and empower yourself for the battles ahead with our latest Tribal shoot. Beginning with fierce-make up and a woman circle on the sand, Tribal is one of our most unique and inspiring shoots. It will take place just before sunset, and with a gold glow over the water and a low tide, it results in one of our most versatile of galleries.



Reconnect with nature and feel like a Goddess, as we use what the Earth gives us to make a stunning gallery of ever-changing imagery. We'll make use of leaves and flowers to give your Woodland Goddess all the accessories you could wish for. Opt for a beautiful dress to begin with, and end with some flowing lingerie or go nude in nature.