in the studio

Our Studio Liberty has been designed with you in mind, with countless choices and customisable options, to ensure that every single gallery is completely unique and tailored to you. Choose from our range of baths and shoot-styles, or create your own with Bespoke. The shoots will typically begin with a studio session; this can be our iconic white, light and airy with our wicker bed, chiffon curtains, or go a little edgier with our dark backdrop, angel wings and more. You can mix your favourite parts of all the shoots, or go for our classic lifestyle and milk bath. Once the studio session is over, you can choose between milk, dark or/and metallic bath which you can customise with flowers special to you, and wear a variety of lingerie, lace, dresses and more. Studio is a calm, comfortable introduction to the Liberty Experience, where you are given a safe space to step out of your comfort zone, with one of our Liberty Specialists there to hold your hand throughout it all!



Whether you're curled up in fluffy sheets, or leaning against our chiffon curtains, you are sure to look, and feel, incredible! Lifestyle shoots result in a crisp white gallery with pops of colour and include shots in a variety of clothing. Limited only by imagination. We love all your creative ideas and can use the studio however you wish. This studio element is included with all our bath shoots too!



The original Liberty bath; Milk Baths are the perfect first step into the Liberty Experience. The soft white bath can be filled with whatever flowers you'd like. Whether you want to be romantic with red roses, graceful with white lilies, boho with all the botanical foliage, or super colourful and fun with a bouquet of multicoloured flowers, we've got you. You can go nude, wear lingerie, soft lace dresses, and pretty much anything else you'd like, making it the perfect first Liberty and fully customisable. You're sure to feel comfortable and fantastic with this iconic 1-1 session with our specialist Liberty photographers.



Our Dark Bath is truly a decadent, vintage shoot designed for those of us that want to embrace a little bit of our darker side. Lying in our Dark Bath, we'll give you a number of poses and flower variations to give you a truly versatile gallery. Make it super vintage with long dark lashes and a soft red lip, or go  natural and boho with wavy hair and little pale flowers. It's all about you, and this 1-1 session is a perfect way to introduce yourself into the Liberty Experience.


The latest addition to our studio sessions, Metallic is all about getting out of your comfort zone, covered in art, and embracing and celebrating who you are. It is absolutely stunning and completely unique to Liberty. You'll have choices of Silver, Gold and Rose Gold (subject to availability or request) and will truly be able to embody the inner Art Goddess of your dreams. Gracefully pose in our gorgeous Metallic Bath before you lie on our super special mirror sheet for some breathtaking shots. It is the perfect end to a double or triple bath, and leads to a fantastic selection of completely unique imagery for your studio gallery!