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South Wales
Cardiff, SwanseaNewport

With beach and river locations, we'll travel to you in Wales. Once we have arrived at our location, our lovely team will host a women's circle, which gives each of you a safe space to talk about anything you want to talk about, and us a chance to understand and connect with you and what you need most from the photoshoot.



Our Liberty in the River shoot is centred on ideas of healing. We'll take you to this gorgeous river, with all the greenery and sunlight. We all have difficult times in our lives, and sometimes we just need a safe space to lick our wounds, refocus and refill our cup. So come along, spread your water wings, flick your hair back and enjoy some time for you.



Our beach shoots will take place just before sunset, and with a gold glow over the water and a low tide. You can also embrace your inner warrior and empower yourself for the battles ahead with our latest Tribal shoot. Beginning with fierce-make up and a woman circle on the sand, Tribal is one of our most unique and inspiring shoots. The combination of beach and tribal results in one of our most versatile of galleries.

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