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After 8 years of holding women's circles & coaching women in body positivity, mindset and manifesting, I have decided our Liberty message is too important and too big to keep quiet.
We teach people not to shrink, not to dim their light so here we are shining a light on the most important life lessons we have learned.

The Liberty message is one of kindness, spreading kindness, but that kindness starts with YOU. Watching your self talk, then watching what we say to those closest to us, and finally our community and how we give back.

Our big loves are manifesting, mindset hacks and kindness.

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  • 21.59£
    Every month
    • A weekly life lesson via vlog and podcast
    • A monthly workbook for self development and journal prompts
    • A Live Ask me Anything
    • Lean on a community that are on the same path to self
    • A bi-annual exclusive invite to an in person event
    • Weekly Monday Morning Lives on FB 9:30 GMT + catch up
    • Monthly AMAs (last Weds of the month 8pm GMT)
    • Monthly workbook with Journal Prompts 
    • A weekly life lesson via Vlog and Podcast
    • Access to an exclusive Facebook Community 

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