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Hi ladies - I’m Lissy! Makeup artist and mum too, who completely understands the battle of wanting to make an effort while fighting off a toddler poking their finger in your eyeshadow palette. I’m so pleased to be able to share a little beauty advice at a time when you truly deserve to feel gorgeous, before your long awaited shoot 💗.

Jen and I run through a simple, natural makeup that will suit everyone using products you likely already have!

If you’re anxious about having to do your own makeup and get a chance to watch this before your shoot, I run through a few products and brushes you may like to invest in before hand. They’re things that will go on to be useful for ‘every day’ and last you forever. You can tweak the routine to feel more glam - adding a darker or more ‘exciting’ eye or lip! Or keeping it really natural with less foundation coverage and just some mascara when we cover eyes. 

For an extra glowy result, have a pamper the night before, giving your skin a gentle exfoliate and a hydrating mask (+ finishing with a good eye cream and moisturiser!). The better your skin is, the more beautiful your makeup will always look. 

Feel free to ask advice on Instagram any time,

Lissy xx

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