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In 2019 we introduced mass circle evenings. Chosen for their beautiful locations, we shared, manifested and made some real life magic at sunset with over 25 women. Three circles were put in place, the details of which are found below. Our Mass Circles are our largest project to date and were each filled with so much magic, emotion, love and trust, that I think we were all left a little stunned. Each of these Circles ended in a massive group photoshoot, first clothed and then running nude around the countryside. We had women screaming that they were enough, that they loved themselves, that they were free and letting go. It was mesmerising to watch, and the power witnessed by each and every woman every evening, was an absolute privilege, leaving everyone in awe of each other.

The First Circle - Past Events & Letting Go
Someone said to me, "your past does not equal your future". I forget this so often when I'm feeling fearful or vulnerable. The theme of our first circle was 'Letting Go'.

The Second Circle - Finding Courage when in Limbo
This circle is for people in limbo right now. Those in a situation that hasn’t played out yet. Often through fear we try to prevent or manipulate events to avoid an outcome we are scared of, by doing this we often manifest the very outcome we didn’t want. The second circle was about finding courage to trust that the best things for us were in motion.

The Third Circle - Manifesting Magic & Setting Intentions
This circle is for those who wanted to celebrate where they were and manifest a future plan. Those who wanted to whisper or shout their intentions to the universe and have them magnified by other magical women.



Join us on our upcoming circles, you can book your place by selecting one of the circles below. Please note there are limited spaces for each circle and each space is on a first come first serve basis.

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If none appear then you can contact us to find out when the next one will be pressing here.

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