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More naked bodies please, more risks, easier and happier life

So what I’ve decided is that every liberty shoot I’m gonna take some group shots of all the women (that are comfortable with it), and show the world, there is a lack of representation of anything less than ‘perfect‘ in the media today. We are all fighting towards a beauty standard that is unachievable, and it’s not healthy and distracts us from the real work that needs to be done on the planet.

i have met women that genuinely tell themselves that they couldn’t do a certain job because of how much they weigh, or what they look like, and I have had women tell me 100 times that they want to book a liberty but they want to lose ‘X’ amount of weight first. What are they telling themselves? What message does that send to their subconscious? All the time I look this way I won’t allow myself to do certain things because I don’t believe as I am I am worthy of them?

Liberty is play, it’s reconnecting with nature, it’s remembering who you are again, listening to your inner voice and being spontaneous? The only time we allow ourselves much spontaneity in life is following a breakup or a death? And then we tell people we are having a mid life crisis or ‘reliving our 20s’ why do we need an excuse to jump in a river with our pals and make some art and see each other as beautiful.

What I love most about Liberty and why I do my job, is the countless women that following their shoot have felt brave, like really really brave. I’ve had messages after saying ‘I was riding on the high of my shoot so I applied for a promotion that I never thought I could get and I got the job’, ‘I left my abusive partner of 6 years and I feel free at last’, ’i Wear what I like now, I don’t care what people think’. So often we are trapped in a world and constraints that we have put on ourselves, ‘ I could never do that’ what? You could never have fun? You could never throw caution to the wind and sit with strangers and say the things out loud THT you’re afraid to say for fear of what that means? But staying in this prison of life you have created means no growth and no experimentation. When did we last define what being you was and is it time for an update? Who really am I and what is scaring me so much?

I digress, my point is bodies-see more, women-play more and take more risks, boundaries and glass ceilings-question them.

When you know who you are and that comes from being brave, listeninh to your inner voice and taking spontaneous risks, it’s easy to make decisions, your path becomes clear because you stop being dragged down other people’s paths, making choices from the heart means you can’t make the wrong choice.

What did today’s blog make you think about?

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