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Lulworth Cove, the magic of light and laughter

Last year I had a baby, she is 9 months old and she is pure magic, I am grateful for the time off I have taken and I have relished in feeding her, watching her stretch herself awake in the mornings, letting her fall asleep on me in the afternoons, watching the bond between her brothers develop and falling in love with her daddy for how amazing he is.

What I have struggled with and maybe even neglected is time for me and my trade, taking time out to support women when you are tired is bloody hard, and I am not excusing myself for it I am saying, the last 12 months were not my time to do so.

But now I am ready to pick my camera up again and fall in love, I live for new situations and the pictures of Lulworth Cove looked so magical I knew I would end up there soon. Last week we, the Dimples and Liberty team made plans to head over there last night. WE did, it was a bit of a trek and with a baby who doesn't love the car it wasn't easy, but it was beyond magical and it was exactly what I needed and seemingly what everyone there needed, even if they only realised that while driving home.

My cup felt full for the first time in a long time and I had that buzz in my belly that I mostly get when I am in my creative makers mode.

We all felt it. Christy and Aurora played together and took photos of each other, I took pics of Kellie, who has never had a Liberty shoot (camera shy, not through lack of trying), and Christy took pics of me and Alba.

This morning I got straight out of bed and went downstairs, put on the kettle, loaded my pics and made myself a coffee. What a life. I flicked through the pics of Dannii, obviously I knew they would be amazing having shot her 100 times before, what I wasn't expecting was to love every picture I had taken of our Kellie, because she is awks like me, I thought we might had=ve a few knock outs but there were so many and it almost made me cry seeing how care free and beautiful she looked, we shot for a whole 2 mins but when I am in that flow place the magic just comes and we were all in that last night.

We all loved it so much (bar Alba and the drive) that we have decided to arrange our first sleep over. So date tbc but we are plotting now.

Hope you enjoy the pics see you soon

Jen x

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Stunning photography as always <3

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