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Body Love: Scrub Those Legs!

Hi! I'm Aurora, part of the Liberty team. I'll be writing blogs on body-love, positivity and keeping the mind and body balance. I have spent years on a self-started journey of learning to fall in love with me, to care for my body and to strive for a happy space in mind and health. Every few weeks, I’ll be updating you all with the tips and tricks I found during the past few years, and advice given by some of the wonderful women I have met along the way.

Scrub the Legs

It may sound silly, in fact it does sound silly, but one of the main ways I realised body love was so needed, was through scrubbing my legs once a week.

Every week our bodies do so much for us. For me, I realised this during my first summer working for Liberty. On an average week, I’d be jumping in and out of a river for anything between 3 to 6 hours at a time. I’d be squatting in fields for hours, walking through forests, holding a heavy camera on my back... At the end of every day I would have new scratches or bruises or my legs would tingle with exhaustion. Even editing, where I’d sit in my pjs with a coffee in a comfy spinny chair, I’d do for hours. And I began to realise it wasn’t just my mind that helped me do what I do, but my body was the only reason I could do any of it at all. I’m chubby, curvy, big-boobed with thick thighs (and not fantastically fit) and when I am working I will have the energy of some super fit crazy loon; jumping up and down in happiness, holding hands of women as they follow me into a river. I enjoy my work so much that I don’t even realise the impact on my body until I’m done.

It was during this time I realised that my body carries my mind through each and every day. It carries it like a mother does for her baby. It cares for me, it keeps me breathing when I’m preoccupied... It doesn’t ask or complain or interrupt me. It’s like my body is completely separate, a silent partner. One I began to realise, I had abused. Through lack of love, affection and care, I had left my body loveless. And although I no longer hated on my stretch marks or wobbly bits, although I loved my body, I wasn’t *caring* for my body. We would never turn around to the parents who carried us all this way, and ignore them. We wouldn’t abuse them or hate them or insult them. So why would I do the same to my own body? The body that has carried me since I could crawl, and will do so every single day of my life.

And so I began a new ritual, and integrated it into my weekly routine. Since the beginning of Summer 2018, I will always find the time to care for it, and to thank it for all it has done. Whether it’s once a day, or once a week, I will give myself some time to thank my body. Because without it, I couldn’t do what I do. And I love what I do.

So each and every week, I will lie in the bath. I will take 5 minutes out of my week to use an exfoliating bath thingy (it was a Christmas gift who knows what it’s really called?!) and a cheap shower gel that smells nice or a body scrub if I’m feeling fancy, and I will scrub my legs. As I’m doing so, I’ll think about all the things they let me do this week. And I’ll thank them. In my head. Don’t do it out loud or whoever you live with will be very confused... But however you do it, remember to thank your body for what it does for you. Not everyone is so lucky, and not every body will work like yours do.

So take time to appreciate your legs, your arms, your tummy, your boobs, your butt, your feet, your hands and your head. Because without them, you wouldn’t exist.

How do you thank your body? Let us know if the comments below.

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