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UUUUrrrgh the most overlooked thing about motherhood...our mental health is the kids mental health

So I just neeeeeed to say this because if I don't i might start graffitiing it everywhere. As women, the part of our job that is the most overlooked is keeping our kids happy, but if we are not happy they are not happy, our mental health directly impacts their mental health, the two are so linked that when we are stressed or anxious, the poor bloody kids tend to be the ones that get the brunt of our mood.

Now that may all seem bloody obvious to an outsider, but I am wondering if men have completely forgotten this, fact or whether they do not realise it in the slightest. If you want us to find parenting really easy and your children to be as happy as is possible for them to be, bloody be kind to us mothers, don't do a load of anxiety inducing shit that may make put us in fight or flight or so panicky that parenting feels like we are treading water. If you see us struggling, run us a bath, get us a tea, take the baby and buy us some mom jeans from Topshop while we are having a soak. Show us that we matter to you and that you bloody care about us. If you want to take it further some simple apreciation of looking after the family won't go a miss either. The simplicity of gratitude and what it will buy you is free and limitless 'I am so grateful for everything you do for our family', guess what if you dare to admit we are bloody super women, we won't stop being them, if anything we will bloody step up because we are that awesome that we run on caffeine and praise. If your baby or children are happy tell you partner how proud you are of her for raising happy kids, if they seem unhappy rather than trying to fix the kids, go straight to wifey and ask her what she really wants, a lie in? 24 hours off? A date night? Mine would be a morning where i can get up and just go to work.

OMG apologies, I'll stop now, just needed to say it before I got one of those megaphones and started driving round the streets telling men to appreciate

the role of women raising the next generation.

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