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Meeting with a drag queen

Updated: May 29, 2019

This morning I have a meeting with a gorgeous drag queen, because as part of the Liberty Movement we are creating social events and I really really wanna do 'the drag queen school of confidence' for my friend Lisa, and the Dominatrix school of assertiveness and finding our inner voice, so if anyone knows a feminist Dominatrix that is not too scary that would be fab.

When you are a mum you have lots of oestrogen in you, this decade and its a tolerance hormone. during our monthly cycle we get a dose of it at the beginning and it rises until we ovulate and then it crashes until the week before our period we have basically none. Rather than realise that we will not put up with bullshit during this week, or when we go through the menopause, women at this time in their cycle and life are hidden away or told they have PMS, fuck off, we just don't have the oestrogen we usually do to cope with all the bloody demands we have placed on us.

Being a breastfeeding mum with no periods for 18 months I think I was so full of oxytocin and oestrogen I was tolerating a whole load of shit that I shouldn't have been. I've had two periods since, and I feel like I need to relearn how to say no, and how to communicate healthy boundaries, hence I want to go straight in and find my inner bitch and actually get comfortable with saying things even when I know they will upset people.

So if you would like to learn to speak your truth or occupy space and feel sexy and flamboyant and be someone else for a few hours let me know what you think and would you come?

Have a great week and I hope you get lots of sleep, I am on coffee no 2 and it is only 8:46

jen xxx

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