There are no words for the feeling you get when you walk down that little hill and see this glorious spread of purple. It fills the space, the scent enchanting and the colour enveloping. It becomes a different kind of celebration than those we have at other times. There is a real feminine essence of lavender, something soft and dreamy yet powerful and sustaining. You will fall in love with those fields, and every moment spent running along their lanes. It will be an evening you will never forget. You’ll meet your photographer. She’ll make sure you feel comfortable and excited about what is to come. You’ll discuss the dream, what do you want to feel today? We can go sexy, or elegant, graceful, boho, the fashionista. All of it, some of it. Regardless you’ll feel magical. We’ll have you running along the lanes, dresses flowing. You can lie amongst the flowers in lingerie, it feels like a movie, every soft moment echoing through you; lavender is true peace, absolute serenity. It is what we need every year, but particularly now. The last few months have been turbulent, there have been so many emotions. Grief, walls closing in, breaking routine, bonding, excitement, new opportunities, closed doors. We have ended paths and begun new ones. Lavender is about celebrating who we are now. The worst is over, we are all changed. Whether you were a warrior on the frontlines, or finding new strengths at home in the face of so much change, you deserve peace now. You deserve a moment for yourself. Laugh amongst the lavender, throw your hands up in the air. You did it. We did it. Time for celebration. Liberty in the Lavender has always been special to us, but we know that this year it is going to be phenomenal. We cannot offer make-up, we have to ensure that we are all as safe as possible. We will be socially distancing, so we can’t give you all the hugs but we will still be there to hold you, even if it is from a distance. We are so excited to see you all there, spaces are limited but we will do our best to fit as many of you in as we can.  Are you ready? *price includes 1 digital image*

Liberty in the Lavender Shoot

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