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My love of the planet, is nature god?

So I was brought up to see religious people as 'weird', sorry if I offend anyone. Both of my parents are scientists and my mum was raised a catholic, so has some weird behaviours around guilt and being sexy and chastising but also is uncomfortable with religion-for herself.

I always rejected the notion of an old geezer in the sky, but I started to think maybe nature is god, I like Buddhism because it says 'take what suits you of this religion, no worries about what is not for you', I like that method of teaching, it makes sense to me that all our lives are different and we can only apply what is relevant and meaningful to us.

I started to believe in a bigger power after reading Noel Edmunds version of the secret-insert laughing emoji here, and reading about the divine proportions and the number 'phi', that nature and us are all connected sits well with me. I consider myself to be part of nature and I consider that if the universe is all linked and working together and I am a part of that universe then the universe isn't happening around me, it is in me as I am in it.

So nature to me is a reminder of many life lessons. I can think of some off the top of my head like 'autumn is the leaves way of showing us that letting go is a beautiful thing', that the butterflies life has to fall to absolute shit, it be in dark place with no previous experience of such extended darkness, and that it has to struggle its way out for the blood to be able to pump through its wings and it be able to fly (if you help it it dies)-that struggle is necessary, transformative, part of growth, and ultimately beautiful and freeing. There are bloody loads and you can write your favs in the comments if you like. All these comparisons remind me that the world is bigger than just me and helps to remind me that no pain is forever and no season in my life is forever.

What it has also taught me to believe in is magic. I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can go to the bluebell woods, or watch an animal, human be born, or see the seasons pass and not believe that that is magic.

What I believe is that nature is a creative, that when there is no obvious path it finds it's way round, and overcomes all kinds of crazy situations, I am now thinking about the fertilisation of a human embryo. But ultimately that we were all put on earth with our own creative powers.

Lots of people tell themselves they are not creative, what I believe is once you were and it was taught out of you, or that somehow you still think creatively even if you don't recognise that as creativity.

The gift from the creator nature is creativity and when we feel really amazing is when we are creating, be that a conversation, a new way of doing something in our job, psychically creating a new thing, having sex, all these things give us moments of a little slice of heaven, euphoria, mindfulness, whatever you are comfortable calling it.

What is your creative super power? Do you feel you have one?

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Nature is life and “god” created life so for me nature is god, I guess. Nature and all that entails is life, power, beauty, forever changing & finding a way to survive.

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