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Barbies and princesses are toxic, Beyoncé is too sexy and don’t be too ambitious.

I grew up in a very feminist household, my parents would have both called themselves ‘feminists’ but they were part of their time and still brought constraints to what they believed should be achievable.

I’ll talk about my mum, and for those of you who know her she is bloody lovely, and non judgemental but to me she has always been a bit more, let’s say ’wanted the best for me’.

We were not allowed barbies in fear they would give us a negative self image, great, I prefered sylvanians anyway. But Beyoncé was too sexy when she left DC, she had sold herself out, and I shouldn’t be ‘too ambitious’, why not? Who defined how ambitious I am allowed to be, and women who wanted to look sexy or ‘too sexy’, or worried about their looks couldn’t be very clever.

Why? Who decided that we have to one Camp or another? Why are we not allowed to care about our looks and be clever mama?

Anyways she’s reading a book and texts me every day atm to be aware of my breathing for 3 mins so maybe she’s getting more zen. 😅😅

this meme made me think this.

What do you think? What is your experince of growing up and bodies? Was it normal to be naked?

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