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The original Liberty bath experience; we fell in love with Milk Baths a couple of years ago, and can't stop! They are the perfect first step into the Liberty Experience. The soft white bath can be filled with whatever flowers you'd like, making it one of our most customisable styled shoots. Whether you want to be romantic with red roses, graceful with white lilies, boho with all the botanical foliage, or super colourful and fun with a bouquet of multicoloured flowers, we got you. You can go nude, wear lingerie, soft lace dresses, and pretty much anything else you'd like, making it the perfect first Liberty. You'll have some stunning images afterwards, and be able to feel comfortable and happy with a simple one-on-one session with one of our specialist Liberty photographers.


  • Lingerie - it is always best to bring too much than too little. If you're a little anxious over your body, you can always opt for a lovely bodysuit, which will always look gorgeous in the bath! Whether you go for this, or that pretty underwear set you fell in love with, we are sure you will look incredible. Based in the studio means you will have full access to our wonderful Liberty Wardrobe, so you can always choose a few bits from us if you'd like. Every colour looks amazing in the milk bath; you can always do an outfit change half way through, so bring along the pretty white underwear, and a bit of a playful bright coloured set too - that way, you get the best of both worlds!
  • Kimonos and Cover-Ups - they're entirely optional, but if you're not completely sure you're ready to bare all in the bath, a floaty kimono or lacy cover-up could give you that little confidence boost when you begin your shoot, and you can always take it off half way through.
  • Towel and/or bathrobe - make sure you bring a towel with you. We will always try and have them available, but just in case we've finished many bath shoots in the last couple of days, its always best to bring your own. And feel free to bring that fluffy bathrobe - it'll keep you nice and snug after your baths!
  • For the list of things to bring with you for the Lifestyle part of the shoot, click here.


Once you've booked your shoot, we'll give you a call before the day and answer any questions you have, and have a chat about how to make it the perfect shoot for you - we will also check with you what flowers you would like in the bath, to make sure you get exactly what you are after. When you arrive on the day, you will be greeted by one of our lovely Liberty photographers, as all our studio shoots are 1-on-1 sessions. It will be either Aurora or Carrie shooting, and you can check out their unique styles in our Meet The Team pages. Your photographer will make you a lovely coffee in the studio, and go through what you want out of the shoot, and what you are planning to wear. They will have a chat and go through how the shoot will go. Then you will have your 1-on-1 make-up session with one of the amazing Georgina Chambers' make-up team. When you're all made up and feeling your best, they will begin the shoot. We will always start with Lifestyle, which gives you the time to feel comfortable with the studio space and your photographer. We will play with our beautiful chiffon curtains, the super-comfy studio bed and general space. Following your Lifestyle, we will make sure the bath is filled and warm, all ready for your Milk Bath. We use coconut milk for the bath, but this can be changed if need be. Each bath usually takes around 10 minutes to shoot. If you've booked a double or triple bath with us, we will then use dark or metallic to change the bath. Once we are all done, you can dry yourself off, get changed and have another coffee! Our photographers have significant knowledge of poses, so don't worry if you're nervous in front of the camera, or worried over how you'll look; we're all trained to get your best sides, and to capture you looking as wonderful as you are. 
Once the shoot is over, you'll be invited back to our studio within a couple of weeks to view your images. The galleries will consist of 30-40 photographs, and our package prices can be found here. But the Liberty experience doesn't stop there - you'll be invited to our Liberty VIPs group on facebook, where you can share your new beautiful images, make new connections and see all our latest and upcoming events. Blow them up massive and make a wall of you, and you can always come back anytime for another shoot with £50 off our packages, because we know Liberty can be so addictive. Once you've seen yourself, you'll want even more. Book now and strengthen the journey of celebrating you, and we can't wait to meet you!
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