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I started Liberty after seeing a photo of a girl looking happy in a field and thinking I want that, but naked and care free. I didn’t want to get women naked for a racy photoshoot, I wanted to get them naked and barefoot in nature to show them that like the trees, they had full permission to have as many lumps or bumps and twists and turns and knots and scars and cuts and someone still see their beauty. I hired a lavender farm on a whim, dragged seven women and a make up artist there and Liberty was born. The following session 20 women turned up to. From then on liberty evolved, we realised if we heard their story first it was easier to connect with them. That if I connected with them the audience could connect with them. Sometimes that was hidden under a present for a partner but I like to think deep down it was always for themselves. We started to hold space for women to tell their story, and we employed a drama therapy facilitator to help us improve how the women bonded during the circle. A few years ago I watched a ted talk by Professor Amy Cuddy, on how your body languishes changed your physiology long and short term, we adopted the power posing into our workflow so the women not only looked strong but felt it too. I feel like Liberty is on the cusp of being a global movement, it is a feeling of freedom to be the truest version of yourself, and the knowledge that in doing so your life will align naturally and effortlessly. That in living authentically you will attract others who think and wish to live like you and you will begin to raise yourself and other women up by smashing glass ceilings and normalising success and overcoming your fears. This feeling should be universal and I hope that even if you can’t book a photoshoot you can take something away from this website that helps you to hack part of your life and live more fearlessly.
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