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Liberty in the Corn is a location shoot filled with sunlight and gold, and is the perfect shoot to celebrate you in summer. Think tanned skin, natural wavy hair and simple make-up to bring forth the boho queen within. Bring along a fun summery hat and white lingerie and enact those farmer girl dreams of running along fields of golden corn, feeling free with the countryside stretching for miles all around you. The shoot is about having fun, enjoying the summer and the British countryside in a fabulous shoot dedicated to celebrating you.


  • Lingerie - think lots of white lace and cute intricate bras. Bodysuits work well, particularly if you're not feeling comfy with baring all that summery skin, and you can always switch outfits during your shoot. Soft pinks and oranges work well in the fields, and green contrasts gorgeously. But we are up for everything, so even if you're not sure, bring it along!
  • Kimonos and Cover-Ups - they're entirely optional, but if you're not completely sure you're ready to bare all in the corn, a floaty kimono or lacy cover-up could give you that little confidence boost when you begin your shoot, and you can always take it off half way through. The summer breeze will let it flow around you and capture some gorgeous natural shots.
  • Dresses - this is the shoot which dresses are perfect for. Think floaty, summery dresses in orange, white, pink and green tones to perfectly compliment the golden fields. Lace up fronts and long skirts are perfect; they'll flow around your legs on the ladder, and pool around you for your close-ups.
  • Flip flops or other slip-off shoes are perfect for Liberty in the Corn. The short corn stubs can be a real pain, so bring shoes easily slipped off for when you're walking down the field lanes, that way you can have barefoot for the shoot, that won't hurt when you get home.
  • Snacks - completely optional, but when you're waiting in the fields, it can be lovely to have a little picnic. We'll bring the Prosecco, but a few snacks can make the shoot into a little day out for you.
  • Water and Sunscreen. There won't always be shade when shooting in cornfields, so bring along plenty of water and an invisible sunscreen to make sure you stay hydrated and keep that tan from burning up.


Once you've booked your shoot, we'll give you a call before the day and answer any questions you have, and have a chat about how to make it the perfect shoot for you. When you arrive on the day, you will be greeted by our lovely Liberty team who will go through what you want out of the shoot, and what you are planning to wear. We'll have a chat and go through how the shoot will go. Then you will have your 1-on-1 make-up session with the amazing Georgina Chambers' make-up team. When you're all made up and feeling your best, we will travel down to the fields and begin the group woman's circle. Our woman's circle is designed to give you a safe space to talk about whatever you would like to say; why you came along to a Liberty, what you want to take from it, or stories about yourself and who you are, or who you want to be. The circle works not just as a safe space for you, but as a way for our photographer's to connect with who you are, in order to give you the best experience they can, and capture you in the truest way possible. We have two photographers present at each location shoot. Carrie will be photographing you in the landscape; you'll get iconic Liberty shots on our beautiful wooden ladder, letting your summer dresses flow all around you. Then Aurora will take you for some close-ups; lying between rows of corn, capturing that gorgeous summer tan, and covering yourself with a sunhat. Both of them are always open to new ideas, and can personalise your poses to guarantee a beautiful, versatile gallery that celebrates you. Our photographers have significant knowledge of poses, so don't worry if you're nervous in front of the camera, or worried over how you'll look; we're all trained to get your best sides, and to capture you looking as wonderful as you are. When you're not being photographed, you can sit in the fields with the rest of the lovely ladies and our Liberty Host Holly, who will hold your hand through the whole process, and make sure you feel comfortable and fabulous throughout the day!
Once the shoot is over, you'll be invited to our studio within a couple of weeks to view your images. The galleries will consist of 30-40 photographs, and our package prices can be found here. But the Liberty experience doesn't stop there - you'll be invited to our Liberty VIPs group on facebook, where you can share your new beautiful images, make new connections and see all our latest and upcoming events. Blow them up massive and make a wall of you, and you can always come back anytime for another shoot with £50 off our packages, because we know Liberty can be so addictive. Once you've seen yourself, you'll want even more. Book now and strengthen the journey of celebrating you, and we can't wait to meet you!



"On the way to the shop, I wasn't bothered about the photo's it was almost like I was just going through the motions, sat on the sofa with Holly surrounded by women getting ready for their Tribal shoot that evening, I started the mammoth scroll through 40 odd photos. I was maybe 10 photo's in before I realised & remembered that I hadn't waxed.I hadn't noticed & if I did my brain either didn't register it or didn't care. I could have scrutinized every single photo after that, but I didn't, I just fell deeper in love with every single one as they all represented the real me. The one that my friends and family see every day & love even with what I feel is something so unsightly."

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