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Liberty in the Bluebells is shot in a beautiful forest, just as the light greens of Springtime appear, with the signature blue flowers that make this shoot completely unique. Think soft lace bodysuits, wavy hair and a fresh chance to set your goals for the year and refill your cup. It can be delicate, or grunge, with a whole forest of opportunities for new shots, making the most out of those sunny Spring days.


  • Lingerie - think beautifully embroidered, or delicate lacing. Light colours work elegantly against the soft bluebells. High waisted pants and a cute bra pair well with a light kimono. Or go for a colour statement bodysuit in blues, purples, black or white.
  • Dresses - can always be a wonderful opportunity for a range of shots for your gallery. Think linen, lace or chiffon - something light and airy, to match those Springtime vibes.
  • Kimonos and Cover-Ups - they're entirely optional, but if you're not completely sure you're ready to bare all in the forest, but you want the option, a floaty kimono or lacy cover-up could give you that little confidence boost when you begin your shoot, and you can always take it off half way through.
  • Comfortable, waterproof shoes - we will be walking through the woods to find the perfect spots to shoot. The bluebells usually come out late March and into April, when the weather can be a little drizzly - prepare well by bringing shoes you don't mind getting a little muddy.


Once you've booked your shoot, we'll give you a call before the day and answer any questions you have, and have a chat about how to make it the perfect shoot for you. When you arrive on the day, you will be greeted by our lovely Liberty team who will go through what you want out of the shoot, and what you are planning to wear. We'll have a chat and go through how the shoot will go. Then you will have your 1-on-1 make-up session with the amazing Georgina Chambers' make-up team. When you're all made up and feeling your best, we will begin the group woman's circle. Our woman's circle is designed to give you a safe space to talk about whatever you would like to say; why you came along to a Liberty, what you want to take from it, or stories about yourself and who you are, or who you want to be. The circle works not just as a safe space for you, but as a way for our photographer's to connect with who you are, in order to give you the best experience they can, and capture you in the truest way possible. We have two photographers present at each location shoot. Carrie will be photographing you in the landscape; you'll get iconic full-length Liberty landscape shots among the bluebells and sunlight. Then Aurora will take you for some close-ups; getting your best side and photographing you lying amongst the lilac flowers. Both of them are always open to new ideas, and can personalise your poses to guarantee a beautiful, versatile gallery that celebrates you. Our photographers have significant knowledge of poses, so don't worry if you're nervous in front of the camera, or worried over how you'll look; we're all trained to get your best sides, and to capture you looking as wonderful as you are. When you're not being photographed, you can sit by the bluebells with the rest of the lovely ladies and our Liberty Host Holly, who will hold your hand through the whole process, and make sure you feel comfortable and fabulous throughout the day!
Once the shoot is over, you'll be invited to our studio within a couple of weeks to view your images. The galleries will consist of 30-40 photographs, and our package prices can be found here. But the Liberty experience doesn't stop there - you'll be invited to our Liberty VIPs group on facebook, where you can share your new beautiful images, make new connections and see all our latest and upcoming events. Blow them up massive and make a wall of you, and you can always come back anytime for another shoot with £50 off our packages, because we know Liberty can be so addictive. Once you've seen yourself, you'll want even more. Book now and strengthen the journey of celebrating you, and we can't wait to meet you!
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