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I have been photographing women for over five years and joined Liberty in April 2018. Currently studying my degree in Photography at the University of Portsmouth, my personal and professional styles remain with one unified goal; to showcase real people, with real bodies, connected within nature and the mythological histories that lie within this. My general style is particularly playful; I love using new and bizarre resources to create incredible, one-of-a-kind art, with a consistent layer of beautiful, natural aesthetics.
I will be photographing at all location shoots, and am the 1-on-1 photographer for studio. My favourite location shoot has to be Tribal Liberty; the first time I photographed during it, we explored moving waist-deep into the ocean, and just at that moment, the sun began to set. It cast a golden glow across the water, and the full moon appeared just behind the wonderful woman I was photographing. It was purely magical.
I am completely in love with our studio sessions. They are so customisable with our different baths and unique lifestyle, that every single shoot is a whole new adventure and are completely different for every woman.
Photographing women has been a massive aspect of my life for years. The healing and confidence that comes from having a beautiful image of yourself is unlike anything else. The best part of my job is seeing the incredible growth and strength revealed as you become more comfortable during the shoot, and what happens following receiving your images.
Experienced in natures regarding learning to love yourself and body positivity, I work on the body positive and self love blogs, to share my tips and tricks to getting a new, healthy mindset about how to treat your body.
I am always welcoming of new ideas, and love a challenge, so if you have any questions or ideas regarding a shoot, just send me a message on Instagram or at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
You can see some of my work below.
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